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The Wyoming State Museum is a must see for travelers and locals alike!  After touring the museum step inside the store where you will find lots of goodies from food, apparel, jewelry, home decor and more.  We are fortunate enough to carry a few of our bracelets and candles there.  

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We sometimes jump at the opportunity to participate in local vendor shows typically in the Fall and Winter months but will keep you posted on our social media accounts.



Sweet Sagebrush along with its retail site, majorityRURAL, is scheduled to return to the summer COWBOY MARKET in July hosted by Simplicity307.  It was a huge hit last summer.  You don't want to miss it!

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307Made is a cute little gift shop in the down town area of Cheyenne, Wyoming.  It features handmade products from around the state of Wyoming.   In our designated retail space you will find a little bit of everything that  we do from jewelry, candles, home decor, and more.  We are fortunate to be surrounded by numerous talented people from around the state.

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The owner and creator of Sweet Sagebrush, Diana Wallace, is a Wyoming native from a large family of nine.  Originally Wired Barb Gifts, Sweet Sagebrush was inspired by a simple leather and pearl necklace and grew from there.  Diana sometimes collaborates with family members for assistance at shows, shipping and deliveries, and design ideas.  She is a mother to three grown children, and enjoys spending time outdoors with her 4 legged friends at her side.  Diana can dress up and show up for local charity events but most of the time you'll find her in weekend wear sporting her latest pair of cowboy boots or a comfy pair of sneakers along with one of her  bracelets (or two)  and a necklace she made.  She likes to burn one her handmade  candles when entertaining or unwinding.  Diana enjoys traveling but her favorite way of going is a nice long roadtrip with a flexible and loose agenda.


Friends of a different kind & color.

Although she hasn't ridden horses in years, these beautiful animals have weaved their way in and out of her life over the years.  Diana is currently boarding and caring for some sweet barn critters and pasture ornaments.  You can follow along her adventures with animals on Instagram.  Her handle is "thedangdog".

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