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Formerly Wired Barb Gifts, Sweet Sagebrush is a Wyoming based online gift shop dedicated to creating handmade jewelry of simple  design with an organic look, feel, and appeal.  Our goal is to create jewelry that inspires, brings joy,  and holds special meaning to you.


In keeping with nature and simplicity, our candles are created using premium natural waxes, fragrances, and wicks.  Hand crafted one small batch at a time, our candles will swing your mood and take you places. 


 It's our belief that a house is not a home without a dog (or cat) in it.  We carry handmade pet bandanas so that your "bestie" will always look his or her best. 

We are growing and evolving on a daily basis and have great confidence in the direction we are going.  While our focus will always be "handmade" first, we do love to shop and spread the cheer, so we will from time to time incorporate resale products if they pass our quality, appeal, function, and meaning test.  In keeping with that, please visit our sister site:

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