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The Wyoming State Museum is a must see for locals and tourists alike.  After touring the Museum be sure to step inside the gift shop where you will find something for everyone from food, apparel, gifts, and souvenirs.  We are fortunate enough to carry a few of our bracelets and candles in the gift shop.

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307 MADE

307 MADE is a cute little gift shop in the downtown area of Cheyenne, Wyoming.  It features handmade items from artisans throughout the state of Wyoming.  We feel very blessed to have secured a spot to make accessible to you some of our favorites and to showcase a little bit of everything we do here at Sweet Sagebrush.

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 ROOTS Salon & Spa

Bad hair, don't care - or maybe you do and Roots Salon & Spa can help.  Get all your hair care done here but don't stop there, get your nails done, enjoy spa treatments, and do a little shopping while you're at it.  You'll find handmade goods and popular name brands alike.  We are blessed to stock a few of our jewelry pieces at ROOTS.


If you have not yet experienced shopping at a Painted Tree, you are missing out!  Painted Tree Boutiques are located throughout the United States and feature boutiques from all over the US.  There is so much shopping under one roof that you will want to plan on spending a day or making multiple trips.  We are located in the Orem, UT Painted Tree with hopes to expand into other stores.


We typically participate in a couple of vendor shows so that we can connect with our customers.  Please keep on the look-out for us at the following venues:

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