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Feeling stressed and worn out from having too many irons in the fire?  We've got you covered with the perfect candle to help you unwind.  This candle collection has truly become our "premium" candle.  We love everything about it.  Our testers have burned beautifully for us from the serene flame, slow & cool burn, to the fragrance throw.  The frosted jars allow for a pop of color and still let light through.  These are hand poured and created in small batches.   Created from natural waxes and wicks.  Our fragrances aren't your run-of-the-mill fragrances.  Each blend is unique and carefully handcrafted.

Irons In The Fire

  • Your candle will come with burning instructions as well as a warning lable on the vessel.  Please read and adhere to the information so that you can safely enjoy burning your candle.  We hold back one candle from each batch to perform several test burns on it to monitor wick behavior, speed of wax consumption, jar temperature, and fragrance throw throughout the life of the candle before we list the remaining candles in the batch for purchase.  

  • After reading and carefully following the burning instructions provided and you find your candle doesn't perform the way you hoped and expected, please reach out to us.  We will try to help troublshoot the issue and if needed issue a refund or offer an exchange.  For refunds and exchanges, we would require that you ship (or deliver) the candle back to us so that we can further evaluate the issue.   

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