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Updated: Mar 20, 2022

Yesterday I was informed by my teen that you are what you eat. She had learned in her science class about how the impact food has on our DNA, body, mind, etc... In keeping with that lesson about food, our grown son had visited recently and harvested (picked) Dandelions from our back yard - he cleaned them, dipped them in a homemade batter and fried them up for us to eat. They were delicious! But...that left me thinking - does this mean I am part flower or weed now after devouring Dandelions? I guess it's all in your perspective perhaps, but I'd like to believe that I am now part of this bright sunny flower that very generously spreads joy, good vibes, and cheer vs. part of an annoying weed growing uncontrollably. (I might add that I have in the meantime learned about all of the numerous health benefits of consuming this flower...or weed.

Creating fried Dandelions or other delicious foods certainly is an art form, just as jewelry making is and depending on your tastes and preferences, either can strike you as weed-like or a flower-like. It's my hope that my leather cord jewelry will be more flower-like to you and bring you joy, good vibes, and cheer to wear.

Jewelry, of course is very personal. It's an extension of who we are both at the very core and in the moment. I love jewelry but in it's simplest form. And leather...well, I can't get enough of it - the way it looks, smells, feels, etc... I also have yet to meet a person that does not like pearls. To put a leather cord with a pearl, I believe, speaks both brass 'n class in that it's both tough and tender and raw 'n refined. Our "Just a Whisper" necklace does just that. It wears barely a whisper. Make one your's today - you will love it!

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