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Updated: Mar 20, 2022

I prayed for rain and God delivered! He put a fire in the sky, filled my ears with roaring sounds of thunder, sent sheets of rain, and placed big puddles on the ground. Amen! We have been so dry in our corner of the world that you could hear and feel the crunching beneath your every step from the thirsty ground. On days when the Wyoming wind was blowing just right, we could see and smell the smoke coming from the forest fires miles off in the distance (bless all of those in its path and those working to put the fires out). My new found chant had become "rain, rain come my way."

Although very grateful for the weekend's rain storm, I did not stand outside and dance in it. I opted instead to ditch the raindrops and stay inside. Doing so gave me plenty of time to bring some "order" to my work space. A more tidy space left me with only the option of messing it all up again, which I did with a zest! I bounced from creating jewelry to redesigning my pet bandanas.

There are a number of ways to create pet bandanas - even no-sew types, of course. But since I love snaps, I decided to create a snap-on pet banana. It turned out beautifully but small. I had no small dog to test it on so recruited my barn cat, Tyler. He had snuck inside to escape the rain and volunteered to test it out. he didn't "volunteer" but nevertheless, it surely must have been meant for him because he looked quite dapper wearing it. I now feel compelled to sew one up for "JJ", the miniature horse....stay tuned;)

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